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Private Label Specialist | Nizona CorporationPrivate Label Specialist | Nizona Corporation

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Cristian Imazu

Co-founder and Representative Director
(Product Development and Regulatory Affairs)
Cristian is a Japanese-Argentinean bicultural lawyer - turned entrepreneur. After an initial experience in a boutique law firm, he was one of only 14 persons awarded a competitive scholarship from the Japan International Cooperation Agency in 2004 and specialized in public health policy in Kobe University (Japan).
After consulting for the legal team of a human resources company in Osaka, Cristian was invited to a strategic position at ShinMaywa Industries Co., Ltd (TSE: 7224) where his responsibility was to support the legal affairs of the company's foreign operations (JVs, M&A, licenses, distribution, procurement, sales, export-import control regulations, etc.) After successfully completing the establishment of ShinMaywa’s joint venture company in Singapore in 2010, Cristian fell under the spell of entrepreneurship. Currently, he is in charge of regulatory and product development at Nizona. Since 2011, Cristian is also a Visiting Professor of International Business Law at the Faculty of Business Administration of Kobe University. He is a fitness enthusiast and loves playing guitar. Cristian speaks fluent Japanese, English and Spanish.

Nilesh Gandhi

Co-founder and Representative Director
(Sales, Marketing and Strategic Planning)
Nilesh was born in Mumbai, India and graduated as an Electronics Engineer from Mumbai University where he also obtained his Diploma in Business Management (both passed with honors). A “serial entrepreneur”, Nilesh’s first company in Mumbai designed below-the-line advertising products (i.e., point-of-sale systems, window displays, catalogs, dispensers, brand identity programs, etc.) for reputed international brands such as L'Oréal, Walt Disney, Citibank, Star TV and others. Since moving to Japan in 2003, Nilesh has built two thriving trade operations; one in Japanese electronics and the second in baby products and cosmetics.Currently, as a founding member of Nizona Corporation Nilesh is responsible for the company’s entire sales & marketing operations globally.
Nilesh loves Japanese business ethics and is passionate about creating more awareness of Japanese healthcare, beauty and other FMCG products. He creates innovative sales and marketing systems and also helps our customers developing the appropriate products in their respective markets. Nilesh speaks English and Japanese in addition to his native Hindi, Gujarati, and several other Indian languages. In his free time he loves exercising, traveling and playing tennis.

Naruya Dama

Logistics & General Affairs
Naruya is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural natural entrepreneur born in Kobe. Kobe is famous for having welcomed thousands of immigrants during the 20th century from various Asian and Middle Eastern Countries, including India. As such, he was born in this international setting and was breed in this dynamic business and trading environment which dominated Kobe during the 80's and 90's.
To gain international exposure, even as a pre-teenager he decided to move to from Japan to Switzerland where he attended the Institut Le Rosey until 1997, when he shifted to the United States to study business in Clark University in Massachusetts. Completing his college education in Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan, he soon became an avid entrepreneur after a few years in the Japanese media industry. Currently, Naruya is responsible for Nizona's operations, logistics and general management. Naruya speaks fluent Japanese, English and French. He loves football and is an active member of Kobe’s soccer community

Masahiro Tamura

Manufacturing & Supply
Masahiro is a pharmacist graduated from the Osaka Univeristy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Member of a prominent family in the pharmaceutical and food business, Masahiro is the third generation CEO of Daibutsudo Pharmaceutical, a Japanese Ministry of Health GMP licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing facility located in Gose, Nara. As such, he brings to Nizona decades of experience in the manufacturing business in addition to strong relations in the Japanese industrial and business world, whose depths are virtually inaccessible to outsiders.
Masahiro has developed a large number of Nizona's products and adapted existing Japanese products flavors and specifications to overseas local preferences. He is a strong believer in "Safety & Quality comes first" and as such is responsible for matters related with manufacturing, quality, and product supply within Japan. When Masahiro is not manufacturing or inspecting goods, he loves fishing and playing baseball with his children.

Other key members:(in alphabetical order)

Dhawal Arya

Marketing and Brand Development
Dhawal is graduated as an Electronics and Telecommunication engineer. His role includes marketing, handling customer queries and serving them in the best possible way, reaching out to new customers and administrative work. He is also working on re-organising and re-structuring Nizona’s systems to strengthen an already strong system which will ultimately be beneficial to both the customers and the company. His vision is to create a smooth, systemic and as automated system as possible to eliminate error chances and save time. He is also associated with Nizona's inhouse brand Nizen where he looks after marketing, strategizing and brand development. At Nizona, he is enjoying both front end and back end work where each day offers a new challenge and also creates an opportunity to learn something new. In his free time, Dhawal likes to explore music and likes to play guitar (finger freestyle).

Macvina Montero

IT Analyst - Design and development
Macvina was born in Mumbai, India and graduated as a computer engineer from Mumbai University. She holds expertise in website designing and development, SEO and Digital marketing. Intrigued by the delicate balance between function and beauty, she delivers web experiences that are both intuitive and engaging. Her experience combined with her passion and enthusiasm enables her to read the process, strategise the process and plan it in thoughtful and empathetic way. Her work requires collaboration with entire team as she considers what's possible on the web and how to accomplish that with the talents of other team members on that project. Her focus is to create memorable, beautiful solutions for tough problems and to learn something new every single day.

Makoto Ito

Inhouse Product Development
Makoto was born and raised in Nagoya, he moved to Kobe to study Hispanic Philology at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. In his last year of college, he moved to Spain to study at The Autonomous University of Madrid. During his stay in Spain, Makoto loved travelling across Spain, Europe and Central and South America as a backpacker. After graduating from his college in Japan, he joined Nizona Corporation to be part of its passionate global mission with international skills. He mainly handles in-house brand business. He speaks fluent Japanese, English, Spanish and Portuguese. In his free time, he loves sports and sometimes volunteers to help Latino children living in Japan to learn Japanese.

Mamta Behera

Accountant Assistant
Mamta is graduated in BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies).She was born in Mumbai, India. She supports the finance department, accountant and management team by completing routine clerical and accounting tasks. She maintains reports, basic book keeping and accounting duties for the company.

Mayur Dave (Mayo Haruki)

Head of Business Development
Mayur Dave was born in Gujarat, India. He graduated in commerce from Mumbai University and also obtained Diploma in Export Management from Indo-American Society. He had a passion to pursue a career into Health & Wellness industry. He started his career as an export manager and presently handling International Marketing for Health & Wellness products / Functional Beverages for Nizona Corporation. He loves travelling, playing cricket and reading books and also fond of meditation.

Meet Shah

Marketing and Brand Management
Meet has done his Bachelor's in Commerce from Mumbai University. He was born in Mumbai, India. His role in Nizona is to do Marketing, communicating with the clients, etc. He is associated with Nizona's inhouse brand Genki Ramune where he looks after marketing and brand development. Meet recognizes and supports team goals by maintaining positive relationships with team members. In his free time he likes to play cricket and watch movies.

Pragnesh Shah

Pragnesh is graduated as Bachelor of commerce. He was born in Mumbai, India. He is associated with Nizona from 2013. His roles include marketing and accounting with overseas customers. He also supports the accounts department and takes care of company's payroll, taxes and various other payments.

Priti Gandhi

Design Lead – Copywriting
Priti, been around on this earth for 50 years. Encouraged but never forced to study science, two years into it realised that the brain was designed for designs. The ‘creativity bug’ bit hard and ever since has been dabbing and delving into all things creative – interior design, fashion design, illustration and installation design. Word design or simply said content writing is what she currently does for Nizona’s various websites, social networks and blogs. She can be called multi-dimensionally creative. She has strong passion for reading just anything be it current affairs, thriller, romance and history. This has worked as fuel to the fire for content writing.

Rajendra Kelkar

Senior Designer - Product Packaging
Rajendra is graduated in Arts from Mumbai University. He is a designer with more than 20 years of experience in designing brochures & catalogues, dispensers, brand identity programs, standies and displays, packaging, printing and many more. Before joining Nizona corporation, he has worked for reputed international brands such as L'Oréal, Maybelline, HSBC bank, Pidilite etc. His passion drives him for creating designs that are beautiful and meaningful.

Remi Tanaka

Product Development
Remi has been working at Nizona Corporation since she was graduated from her university. She is in charge of Product Development and handles OEM products for customers in overseas. She has joined a volunteer team and works for an International service. She likes traveling and talking with people from various countries.

Saurabh Dave

Saurabh is graduated as BMS(Bachelor in Management studies). He was born in Gujarat,India. His roles include reaching out to customers, developing relationships with customers, appeasing customers, negotiating prices and terms with customers, and ensuring that customer orders are filled and customers are satisfied.

Sayuri Sawada

Sayuri's association began with Nizona while working on Her role involves reaching out to customers, offering products that align with their product concept and brand, assisting in customizing the formulation and packaging, and handling complete communication with the customer and the Japan team during an order lifecycle. Apart from handling marketing, she can create content for products and design promotional emails. When not working, she enjoys travelling, reading and at times cooking.

Utsav Joshi (Jun)

Marketing Manager
Utsav handles International Marketing and Business development. He was born in Mumbai, India. He is graduated in commerce and holds a diploma in computer Hardware and Networking. He has been associated with Nizona since 2013. Now, it's his passion to be the part of this amazing Japanese culture where businesses are driven by quality first and than profitability. His main role is to respond to customer's requests while delivering an elevated level of customer service. He generates new leads through marketing. He respects and motivates each Marketing team member to achieve Marketing targets and reach company goals as an individual and team.

Yuka Maekita

General Affairs – Ingredients
Yuka is incharge of general affairs and ingredients. She has been in Nizona since 2015. Nizona is fast growing and spreading. Her job is also wide-ranging. Especially ingredients business is exciting and amazing. It moves very fast and something happens every day. Nizona is the only company which can manage the collagen product, from fish to finished product by themselves. Our team work makes it possible to deliver our good products to all over the world. She has two daughters and live in Kobe with her family. In her free time she loves watching movies, traveling, playing tennis and yoga.

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Our team members in Kobe office (Japan) and Mumbai office (India) handle various functions as below. We have a mix of two different cultures, Japan and India, but all team  departments are "Put Made in Japan products to the reach of everyone" We have a common mission of working. The Japan office carries out sourcing, product development, manufacturing, logistics and sales of the product. The India office is responsible for global marketing and branding of the products. In addition, India office provides consultancy with regards to market penetration and pricing of the products, designing of the websites and advertising content.

Japan team

  • Sourcing
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Sales

India team

  • Global marketing
  • Branding of the products
  • MM131美女图片在线观看 MM131美女图片无删减 琪琪看片网 MM131美女图片在线观看 MM131美女图片无删减 琪琪看片网 ,男主跟女配各种做H在线观看 男主跟女配各种做H无删减 琪 男主跟女配各种做H在线观看 男主跟女配各种做H无删减 琪
  • Graphic designing
  • Website designing
Nizona Team

OUR WEBSITES: Nizona Corporation specializes "Made in Japan" OEM / Private label manufacturing of healthcare and cosmetics products. We give value to your company and your brand by developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality Japan-made products.

www.japan-drinks.comMade in Japan - Health drinks, energy drinks, ramune soda, juices, coffees, teas, immunity building drinks, etc. are handled on this website. Collagen derivatives are Nizona's flagship range. Nizona offers one of the widest range of Japanese collagen products in the world. E.g. Collagen Drinks, Collagen tablets, Collagen Jelly sticks, Matcha Collagen, Collagen Creams, Coffee Collagen etc. The secret of Japanese longevity and good health is regular consumption of green tea (and matcha). In addition, collagen has many advantages in anti-aging benefits, maintaning soft skin, healthy joints and bones. This website is dedicated to collagen jelly sticks and L-cystiene jelly sticks. Jelly sticks are a tasty and easy to carry packaging format. Japanese jelly sticks are very delcious and a very popular consumption trend. This is a portal dedicated to a large variety of kitchen accesories, home decor, baby prodcts and gifting items. All products are MADE IN JAPAN. Dried fish scales and skin are used to manufacture collagen (which is used to make health and beauty products). Nizen - your health Japan way. Nizona’s house brand consisting of ingestible and application products for healthy and beautiful you, inside out! Genki ramune - Pep up with J'pop. Ramune – Lemonade Japanized !!! It is not just a fun drink but a state of mind……! For the first time Genki Ramune introduces unique, health and mood enhancing flavours – Matcha Green Tea Ramune, Golden Turmeric Ramune and Multi Vitamin Ramune. Nizona marine products pvt ltd supplies a large quantity of dried fish scales to Collagen Peptide producers globally and also specializes in Ossein and Collagen Peptide production with ability to source collagen raw materials abundantly.